About Us

Yelzin Balustrade Pro-Kit was established as a subsidiary of the PI-EM Trading

group, with the purpose to face the demand for high quality, modern design

and functional balustrade systems.


The special balustrade systems Yelzin is offering are made from corrosion resistant

aluminum, coated in a special process with a stainless steel like finish.

Due to its special surface treatment, all parts are absolutely corrosion protected,

even when used in harsh climate and close to the seashore and other water sources.


The balustrades and handrails are assembled by "dry" installation, without welding 

and polishing on site. The product is supplied as a kit for easy and safe assembly.


Yelzin Balustrade Pro-Kit carries out installations from measuring through complete

assembly with glass panels or other filling material upon request.

Yelzin Balustrades suits your project perfectly, whether it is a hotel balcony, a swimming pool fence, a private home or villa, or a public building.